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This is a patients way of keeping track of important and relevant information by gathering it all in one place with it’s sources.
No copyright infringement intended.

I try my best to always keep all the text intact and include sources and links from the orginial content. I am under no circumstance claiming to have written the articles myself, and the right owner will be stated in all articles.

I was born in 1994 with no thyroid, and started medication at 10 days of age. The medicine was called Thyroxin-Natrium and I used it until the brand changed it's name to Levaxin. When I was 28, I started using Armour Thyroid and have not looked back since.

I find it hard to learn about my congenital hypothyroidism because important information about this condition is hidden among all the other information regarding Hashimotos, Hypothyroid cancer, thyroid removal and more. Especially since there is little knowledge about this in Norway where I come from. I have started to look into articles in English and find that it is much easier to gather information about this when other countries tend to have more research and interest in the subject.

To be able to remember all the texts and websites, I have started to put them together in this blog to get a better overview. Perhaps it might even help somebody else.

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